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PokerADZ http://pokeradz.com Cutting Edge Poker Writers Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:44:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.0.22 Un Intrduction a PokerADZ http://pokeradz.com/un-intrduction-a-pokeradz/ http://pokeradz.com/un-intrduction-a-pokeradz/#comments Sat, 22 Nov 2014 22:50:35 +0000 http://pokeradz.com/?p=133 […]]]> Mi historia es muy larga, pero voy a tratar de resumir en unas pocas frases. Empecé a jugar al póquer en una edad joven, durante la década de 1990 y principios de 2000 he trabajado en el mundo corporativo y siempre quise lucir una gorra de béisbol, cuando fui a trabajar. Siempre he sido un jugador de poker entusiasta y en la universidad me complementado mi ingreso al jugar todo tipo de variantes de poker en los dormitorios. ¿Alguna vez has oído hablar de un juego llamado “Chicago?” My Co-anfitrión tiene? Es similar a Omaha, pero mucho más de juego en casa, más o menos basura! En 1998 me enteré de Scotty Nguyen, las World Series of Poker Champion y ver la repetición de la WSOP y que comenzó mi fascinación en jugar el póker para ganarse la vida. El objeto completo parecía muy fuera de lo común en la época. Me preguntaba si estos chicos eran degenerados o algunos super-humanos que verdaderamente podría apostar por la vida y hacer un ingreso generoso y viable. Yo soñaba con darle una oportunidad y más tarde en 2003 renuncié a la “rutina corporativa.” Algunos pueden decir que yo era parte del “Boom Moneymaker”, pero yo era un jugador Stud que rara vez juega Hold’em.

Empecé incursionando en el póker en línea y volví $ 25 en Party Poker en 3.200 dólares en la misma noche en Limit Hold’em. Yo no lo podía creer! Finalmente encontré el lugar en el que podía llevar una gorra de béisbol a la obra! En 2004 moliendo largas horas y jugar miles de manos, finalmente aprendí cómo ganar consistentemente. Mi primer objetivo de este sitio es compartir con ustedes las notas que tomé durante la reproducción de Low Limit Hold’em que ahora aplico en diferentes formas de límites más altos. Voy a hablar de un montón de diferentes temas.

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For The Love Of Ace King http://pokeradz.com/for-the-love-of-ace-king/ http://pokeradz.com/for-the-love-of-ace-king/#comments Sun, 15 Jun 2014 08:00:11 +0000 http://pokeradz.com/?p=49 […]]]> Ace KingThis is a simple poker strategy article, mainly for beginners, but even the most seasoned poker players tend to forget. A stand-out among the most continuous missteps made by players in Online Multi-Table Tournaments is “Ace King Melt Down”. This is most likely due to inexperience and lack of patience. Why when we look at Ace King, we see those enormous letters, “A” “K” and it looks, quite delicious.

This hand now and again could be a pivotal hand to play. Sometimes you just have to play this hand fast and strong in tournaments. At the same time we need to give ourselves some respect and remember that with Ace King just like a lot of hands it demands a ton more thought of the circumstances than just being all in like a fool.

Some of you may be aware of David Sklansky’s charts of the strongest hands, where he assesses the quality of hands and drops them into eight classifications.

Ace King Suited falls into the strongest hands being Group 1 or Rank 1, however Ace King off-suit tumbles down into Group 2. Despite this fact there is a gigantic distinction between the two hands by they way you ought to move through a flop, turn and river. You have to remember that this hand is a drawing hand, particularly in the early phases of a tournament.

In the event that you wildly throw chips into the pot in the early stages of a tournament, you may lose precious chips that you will most likely require later. Either you will get zero action and win a tiny pot or in the most dire outcome imaginable you could be left shortstacked after a huge c-bet on the flop and nowhere to go but fold after getting check-raised with nothing but air on the turn.

“Ace King is a very attractive Ace High, we have to admit, but it’s just a nice strong King with a Bullet.”

Let’s talk about when you flop a flush draw, for some it could be difficult to not wind up all in. Just think before the chips go in, it is still a drawing hand nothing more than a very good one. On the off chance that you haven’t hit an Ace or King, you undoubtedly don’t have the best hand.

Pot control and healthy respect for the situation of what you will need to win the hand is paramount. Hitting your Ace or King on the river in the wake of missing a draw may not be what you need to take down the pot.

Ace King can appear to end up significantly all the more compelling in later phases of a tournament. The choices with this hand when the blinds are small are much harder than they are later when you don’t have much maneuverability after the flop because the blinds are large compared to your stack or other peoples stack. Ace King is unquestionably handy for pushing shortstacks around.

This is some basic guidance for beginners, but still worth thinking about. We believe that the most ideal approach to begin playing Ace King better, is to realize that you are simply beginning with Ace High. A really attractive Ace High we have to admit, but just a nice strong King with a bullet.

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Top 7 Reasons You’re Better Than Chris Moorman http://pokeradz.com/top-seven-reasons-youre-better-than-chris-moorman/ http://pokeradz.com/top-seven-reasons-youre-better-than-chris-moorman/#comments Thu, 15 May 2014 08:00:29 +0000 http://pokeradz.com/?p=75 […]]]> Over the years we have witnessed a huge magnitude of players that come and go in the sports arena. Countless amounts of young fresh-faced poker players and even some seasoned, craggily older persons would enjoy being Chris Moorman.

If you haven’t been living in a fog for the last year or maybe even the last three years, you’ll know who Chris Moorman is. This little article will endeavor to explain why and in what ways you’re better than Chris Moorman.

Top 7 Chris MoormanComing in at Number Seven
You can play for uninterrupted periods at online poker and still make time to hang out in all the coolest places. Whilst you’re at the beach fishing with rod and reel, Chris Moorman is handcuffed to a poker table killing unsuspecting fish. Where would you   rather be?

Top 7 Chris MoormanNimbly at Number Six
You have the ability to sleep all day and while your life away dreaming about poker. A dream filled with scenes of finding yourself on the button with an overly aggressive raiser and two lame callers ahead of you while sitting on a premium hand like Pocket Aces. For Chris this is an everyday occurrence. He is banging players over the head left and right, whilst you’re dribbling into your pillow, completely oblivious to the outside world.

Top 7 Chris MoormanFifty Cents is Your Number Five Bankroll
Your pathetic bankroll is play money on the latest social network. For Chris, play money is spilling the finest champagne on the ground. His penchant for purchasing the latest vintage of high caliber wines will support the Euro for years for come. Your brushes with alcohol lead to a morning spent lining up at the local pharmacy and lining their pockets.

Top 7 Chris MoormanFour is Your Lucky Number
You play number four in your daily lottery numbers in the hopes that one day you will have amassed huge amounts of tournament winnings online. The biggest win is enough to buy a tiny little isolated island in the Caribbean. Did I mention that the island comes with a staff of unselfish personal assistants that will assist you with everything you need? All you need to do is hit those precious lucky numbers – once!

Top 7 Chris MoormanHappiness comes in Threes
You have a bigger and better sponsorship deal from a company like PokerADZ. After a long drawn out process and countless negotiations the local Big Tom’s Auto Body Shop has decided to send you to the pub in that huge $20 poker tournament. Luckily for you, you don’t have to make the money to cash in. They’re covering your bar tab for the entire event as well!

Top 7 Chris MoormanTwo Percent is Your Poker Edge Average
You are extremely fortunate to be able to beat Patrik Antonius with the flick of card at the WSOPE. For the next several years, you will win more money by sending him to the sidelines than a drunken Billy Martin did by sending an angry Reggie Jackson to the bench. If you had to pick a player to be able to slice and dice at the poker tables, there is no better choice than Patrik.

Top 7 Chris MoormanNumber One is always better than Number Two
And the number one reason you’re better than Chris Moorman is because you have read this article. Clearly, Chris isn’t good enough to make the time to read this epic editorial. He’s extremely busy, working hard and crushing the poker tables. Why would you waste time being bothered with all that?

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Tilt 101 – Change Your Mind To Avoid It http://pokeradz.com/tilt-101-change-your-mind-to-avoid-it/ http://pokeradz.com/tilt-101-change-your-mind-to-avoid-it/#comments Tue, 15 Apr 2014 08:00:44 +0000 http://pokeradz.com/?p=91 […]]]> Stop reading if you’re a poker guru, this is for beginners. Everybody has had that terrible feeling when we make “what you think” is the greatest fold in the poker universe, simply to see fold, fold then see a call made with an inferior hand. With disgust we realise, we just tossed the winner.

Tilt Big

Relax, take a deep breath you only folded that “winning hand”.

In the first example this may happen on the flop or turn, yet normally the flop. You feel in some ways that you may have the best of it however the board looks so threatening that you agree that you can’t in any way, shape or form proceed to the river.

Occasionally, several people go to the flop and there is a lone caller on the river where you may get to see the cards.

So by what means would it be advisable for you to handle this situation? In our perspective, one ought to firstly understand that once the hand is dumped it is never the winner, so worrying about it is a negative thought. Negative thoughts in general aren’t winning thoughts. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change the result once you have folded your cards. By dealing with it right away and training yourself to be unmoved you will have the capacity to proceed onward after these sorts of mishaps. When you make a fold, be confident, try not to think of it as a loss, you’re one step closer to a winning hand.

This scenario happens too, you see tons of activity post flop in a hand – yet this time accepting that you are beat, just to discover that you were bluffed.

“Negative thoughts in general aren’t winning thoughts…
Tilt is an image killer!”

For some, this brings tilt to a whole new level, so again upholding your positive mindset is most essential. Treat it like nothing, have a short memory – as though you had literally nothing. We’re not asking you to forget how the hand was played, we’re suggesting moving onward to the next hand and use the information you received. Don’t be bothered when you fold.

In a cash game train yourself to play a few hands before enjoying a break where you get your mind together, if necessary. In a tourney you may very well need to look and see that a break is approaching, if you can’t wait for the break, well then, you’re on tilt, you may have to step away for a moment or two. Don’t be gone too long if the blinds are coming and remember taking a break could simply mean taking a break from the negativity.

Building your capacity to proceed rationally after a hand that may have gone astray is a significant ability in poker, in fact we call that skill and some call it fortitude. It will endlessly enhance your stature at the poker table and keep those tilty moments under control. Tilt is an image killer.

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A Few Simple Tips For A Tournament Deep Run http://pokeradz.com/a-few-simple-tips-for-a-tournament-deep-run/ http://pokeradz.com/a-few-simple-tips-for-a-tournament-deep-run/#comments Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:00:30 +0000 http://pokeradz.com/?p=103 […]]]> Go DeepRunning deep in tournaments takes a lot of skill as well as lot of time. It’s not a sport for the weak minded or faint of heart. If ever there was an event that required endurance, determination and fortitude of character; it is playing in a large field poker tournament.

So here are a few tips from the writers and editors at PokerADZ to help newbie players make it deep into these profitable events.


MTT’s can attract all level of players, from the novice through to the so called professional. Variance is everywhere, so patience is a virtue. In the early stages sit back and watch and note the different playing styles of the players. You only want to be involved in big pots with big hands. Most Pro’s will only play the best Hold’em hands at this stage and avoid getting involved with hands that are easily dominated like AT and KJ. The goal is to accumulate chips, so look for the weaker players and take their chips before someone else does. Patience in the early stages also creates the image of being tight and will help with stealing the odd pot when in position.


Always be aware of your position, as this is very important in tournaments. As to go long in a MTT you have to get aggressive and raise with hands you may normally fold when in good position. When you’re last to act you are able to see what everyone else does before making a decision.

Opening up Your Range and Stack Sizes

As you move into mid and later stages of the tournament you will now have to open up your range as blinds are increasing. Especially when in late position at a tight table. Mid pocket pairs and suited connectors are now options. You must do this as blinds can very quickly start effecting your stack. So many tighten up their game when reaching the bubble and get their stack blinded. When you open your range near the bubble, be aware of the short stacks at the table that might be pushing all-in with marginal hands also of the big stacks that are likely to call you. It is important to be aware of the other chip sizes at your table, especially if you have been moved to another table.

In the Money (ITM)

“Always be aware of your position, as this is very important in tournaments.”

After the bubble bursts, players usually loosen up as they are looking to chip up for the final table. This is where you now have to pick your spots carefully. It’s always better to be the raiser and not the caller. Try your level best to avoid calling.

Final Table

Depending on stack sizes this is usually where some players start pushing ALL IN creating tough decisions. However players with mid stacks may sit back and hope that the small stacks get blinded or get busted out as to get a better finish payout. This can create opportunity to grab some pots with little risk.

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The Introduction to PokerADZ http://pokeradz.com/introduction-to-pokeradz-poker-site/ http://pokeradz.com/introduction-to-pokeradz-poker-site/#comments Tue, 09 Mar 2010 03:38:00 +0000 http://www.pokeradz.com/?p=7 […]]]> My tale is a long one, but I will try to sum it up in just a few sentences. I started playing poker at a young age, during the late 1990s and early 2000s I worked in the corporate world and always wanted to sport a baseball cap when I went to work. I have always been an enthusiastic poker player and while in college I supplemented my income by playing all types of Poker variations in the dorms. Have you ever heard of a game called “Chicago?” My Co-host has? It’s similar to Omaha but much more of home game, pretty much junk! In 1998 I heard about Scotty Nguyen, the World Series of Poker Champion and viewed the WSOP rerun and that started my fascination in playing poker for a living. The complete object seemed really out of the ordinary at the time. I wondered if these guys were degenerates or some super-humans who could truly gamble for a living and make a generous and viable income. I dreamed of giving it a try and later in 2003 I quit the “corporate grind.” Some may say I was part of the “Moneymaker Boom”, but I was a Stud player that rarely played Hold’em.

I began dabbling into online poker and turned $25 on Party Poker into $3200 in the same night at Limit Hold’em. I couldn’t believe it! I finally found the place where I could wear a baseball cap to work! In 2004 by grinding long hours and playing thousands of hands, I finally learned how to win consistently. My first goal for this site is to share with you the notes I took while playing Low Limit Hold’em that I now apply in different ways to higher limits. I will talk about a lot of different topics.

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