The Introduction to PokerADZ

My tale is a long one, but I will try to sum it up in just a few sentences. I started playing poker at a young age, during the late 1990s and early 2000s I worked in the corporate world and always wanted to sport a baseball cap when I went to work. I have always been an enthusiastic poker player and while in college I supplemented my income by playing all types of Poker variations in the dorms. Have you ever heard of a game called “Chicago?” My Co-host has? It’s similar to Omaha but much more of home game, pretty much junk! In 1998 I heard about Scotty Nguyen, the World Series of Poker Champion and viewed the WSOP rerun and that started my fascination in playing poker for a living. The complete object seemed really out of the ordinary at the time. I wondered if these guys were degenerates or some super-humans who could truly gamble for a living and make a generous and viable income. I dreamed of giving it a try and later in 2003 I quit the “corporate grind.” Some may say I was part of the “Moneymaker Boom”, but I was a Stud player that rarely played Hold’em.

I began dabbling into online poker and turned $25 on Party Poker into $3200 in the same night at Limit Hold’em. I couldn’t believe it! I finally found the place where I could wear a baseball cap to work! In 2004 by grinding long hours and playing thousands of hands, I finally learned how to win consistently. My first goal for this site is to share with you the notes I took while playing Low Limit Hold’em that I now apply in different ways to higher limits. I will talk about a lot of different topics.

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