We will be offering poker players a platform to blog in an extensive blogging network. PokerADZ will be a vessel for those of you that are ready to provide readers with some insights on how to excel in poker or an opportunity for people to write about their experiences or their favorite or their anecdotal gambling endeavors or even personal stories of their life, PokerADZ is the up and coming blog site where members can blog for free. Visit PokerStars today and qualify for your very own $600 bonus. Or, if you don't want to risk any money yet, and would prefer to play poker online for free, then you should certainly check out the PokerStars.net review here for an indepth analysis on all things PS related. There, you will be able to play for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to Stars, there are a number of other great poker online rooms that offer free games as well, and you can read all about them on PlaySolidPoker.com. PSP offers tons of information on the highest rated poker rooms online. The second highest rated room in our opinion is this site. Party Poker site has been around for over 10 years now, and continues to be a leader in the online poker world. You can find reviews of both sites when you visit Poker30.net. In addition to reviews, you'll also find strategy articles, news articles, and much more.

The Introduction to PokerADZ

My tale is a long one, but I will try to sum it up in just a few sentences. I started playing poker at a young age, during the late 1990s and early 2000s I worked in the corporate world and always wanted to sport a baseball cap when I went to work. I have always been an enthusiastic poker player and while in college I supplemented my income by playing all types of Poker variations in the dorms. Have you ever heard of a game called “Chicago?” My Co-host has? It’s similar to Omaha but much more of home game, pretty much junk! In 1998 I heard about Scotty Nguyen, the World Series of Poker Champion and viewed the WSOP rerun and that started my fascination in playing poker for a living. The complete object seemed really out of the ordinary at the time. I wondered if these guys were degenerates or some super-humans who could truly gamble for a living and make a generous and viable income. I dreamed of giving it a try and later in 2003 I quit the “corporate grind.” Some may say I was part of the “Moneymaker Boom”, but I was a Stud player that rarely played Hold’em.

I began dabbling into online poker and turned $25 on Party Poker into $3200 in the same night at Limit Hold’em. I couldn’t believe it! I finally found the place where I could wear a baseball cap to work! In 2004 by grinding long hours and playing thousands of hands, I finally learned how to win consistently. My first goal for this site is to share with you the notes I took while playing Low Limit Hold’em that I now apply in different ways to higher limits. I will talk about a lot of different topics.

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